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Telephone Banking

Stay in touch with your money 24/7

Telephone banking is available to those aged 11 and over with an eligible account. Calls may be recorded and some services may be unavailable for short periods in the early hours of the morning.

Simple & Secure Banking

Our online and mobile banking services are perfect for banking in a way that suits you, but when you need to talk to us Telephone banking is available 24/7.

Why bank by telephone?

Stay in touch with your accounts, control your payments and speak to us when you need to.

Stay in touch with your accounts

Telephone banking allows you to check your balances, track your recent transactions and give you quick access to your finances via our touchtone service.


Control your payments

Transfer money easily between your accounts, manage your regular payments and pay your CoxCrest Bank credit card or other bills.


Speak to us when you need to

Our Customer Service Officers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year should you need to speak with us.

Register for Telephone banking

If you have Anytime Internet banking you are good to go or else use these numbers to get started.

If you have already registered for Anytime Internet banking you are automatically set up to use Telephone banking.


Why not register for Anytime Internet banking now and get the best of both worlds? If you have your debit card you can get online immediately or you can have your details sent to you.

Register now for Anytime Internet Banking


Or to just get set up for Telephone banking, call us on:


  • +1 (662) 799 1200 if calling from USA
  • 00353 1804 7475 if calling from abroad (press option 3)


These numbers are to be used for registering for Telephone banking only, you won't be able to carry out any transactions until you are registered.

Already registered?

Save our phone numbers so you don't have to go searching for them.

  • +1 (662) 799 1200 if calling from USA
  • 00353 1804 7475 if calling from abroad

Make sure you have your PIN and Password you chose when you registered for Telephone or Anytime Internet banking to hand when you call.

What to expect when you call us

Our simple touchtone service and helpful advisors are on hand 24 hours a day.

It's easy to get to where you want to be every time you call us. Our Telephone banking menu includes just 3 simple steps:


Press 1 - For balances, statements, payments and everyday banking queries

Press 2 - To talk to us about new accounts or services

Press 3 - To register for Telephone banking


Remember, our phone numbers are 1850 424 365 if you are calling from USA or 00353 1804 7475 if calling from abroad.

Request Emergency Cash

If your debit card is lost or stolen you can still access your cash with Telephone banking.

Call us on +1 (662) 799 1200


  • Follow the options to speak to a customer adviser
  • The adviser will cancel your card and then ask you some security questions
  • If you are registered for Anytime Internet banking orTelephone banking the adviser will authorise you to withdraw$20-$300. If you aren't fully registered then you can get up to $60
  • The adviser will give you a 6 digit code that you can enter at any CoxCrest Bank ROI or EasyCash cash machine to use within 3 hours.
Calls may be recorded. The amount requested must be within your daily withdrawal limit for your debit card and you need money available in your account (including any overdraft facility).

Textphone/Minicom numbers

Please contact us on +1 (662) 799 1200

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If you have an iPhone or Android smart phone then you can download our free Mobile banking app for flexible banking while on the go.

You don't have to use the mobile app instead of Telephone banking, we just suggest you register now in case you ever need it.

To get our app you need to be registered for Anytime Internet banking and have a ROI or international mobile number in specific countries.

Find out more about Mobile banking
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