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iPad with UB iPad app open

iPad with UB iPad app open

Banking on your tablet

Find out how our iPad app can benefit you

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App available to Anytime Banking customers with a ROI or International mobile number in specific countries.

Updated iPad app

We have made our iPad app even better, giving you the best experience possible.

You can now;

  • Make and save new payments under $500
  • See all your business accounts in one place
Get the app View our mobile updates

We have improved the look and layout of the app making it easier than ever to use.

You will now see improvements when:

  • viewing your accounts and transactions
  • managing standing orders and Direct Debits
  • setting up and managing alerts
Make international payments from your iPad!

Do you need to send money abroad?

You can now make existing international payments through your iPad using the app, in a few simple steps:

  • When you log in you will now see an 'International Payment' icon below the 'Make a transfer' icon
  • You can now make an international payments to an existing payee already set up in Anytime Banking
Man using iPad

Key features of our tablet apps

Login with Touch ID

A quick and secure way to access your accounts on iPad.

Touch ID is available on iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro and iPad Pro 9.7 with an operating system of iOS8 or above.


To enable this feature simply visit the 'More' section of your iPad app.

Check your balance and transactions

Keep an eye on how much you have in your account and what's coming in or out.

Our tablet apps allow you to check your account balances easily and in a way that suits you.


You can also search through up to 7 years worth of statements for most accounts and filter through to find the information you need.

Move money between your accounts instantly

We've made transferring money between your own accounts really easy!

  • Open your app
  • Choose the account you want to move it from and select the 'Transfer between accounts' option
  • Choose which of your accounts you want to move the money to and enter the amount
  • Select 'Make Transfer' and confirm your details

Then let us take care of the rest.

Manage your money with our interactive graphs on the iPad app

View your balance, account activity, transaction and cashflow overview in a totally different light.

Open the app and choose an account. On the top right hand corner you will see a link for 'Graph View' which will allow you to see your spending and balance trends over time.

A variety of payment options to suit you

Pay your bills, your online banking payee's or send up to $500 to someone new without needing a card reader.

Pay someone you have never paid before up to $500 without using a card reader


There is no need to log into Anytime Internet Banking or find your card reader, simply open your mobile app and head to the Payments option on one of your accounts. You will see the option to 'Pay Someone New' at the top of the screen which you can use to send money to an IBAN.


Important Information

  • You must be aged over 16 and have available funds to send from your account (including any overdraft facility)
  • There is a maximum limit of $500 payments per working day which is seperate from daily withdrawal and Get Cash limits. You can make up to 5 payments per working day.

This feature is available on Android and iPhone.


You can use Pay Someone New as soon as you activate your app for the service. You can find out how to do this on our 'getting started' page.




Send money instantly to your saved Anytime Internet Banking payee's


Simply visit the 'Payments' option on one of your accounts, scroll through the names to select the correct payee and just enter in the amount. After that all you have to do is click 'Send' and the money will leave your account instantly!


Please note that in order to send a payment in this way with your mobile app you will need to have made the first payment to this payee through Anytime Internet Banking first, which will involve using your card reader.


This feature is available on Android and iPhone.




How do you make bill payments with the mobile app?


Our Mobile Banking app contains a list of the most popular and frequently used utility, local authority and credit card companies.

Simply open your mobile app and:


  • Select the account you wish to debit, click 'Payments' and choose to 'Pay Someone New'
  • Start typing the name of the company you wish to pay and select the correct company from the drop-down list
  • Add a reference and an amount, then confirm your instruction
  • Payments are normally received within 2 hours once confirmed


Important Information

The payment details will not be saved. You must be aged 16 or over and have available funds to send from your account (including any overdraft facility). Limits apply, the app will notify you of the limit once you have selected the company you wish to pay.

This feature is available on iPhone and Android.


You can use Pay Someone New as soon as you activate your app for the service. You can find out how to do this on our 'getting started' page.

Stay on top of your standing orders with our tablet apps

Set up, view and cancel your standing orders.

With our tablet apps you can:


  • Set up new standing orders to your saved online banking payee's, to move money between your own accounts or to a set list of companies without having to log in to online banking
  • View the status of your standing orders to keep an eye on the next payment date
  • Cancel your standing orders without having to ring or visit us.


Important Information

  • To cancel your standing order from within the mobile app you must give two working days notice.


For more details on setting up and cancelling regular payments or their timescales please visit our Support Centre.

You can manage your regular payments as soon as you activate your app for the service. You can find out how to do this on our
'getting started' page.

Forgotten your Anytime Internet Banking customer number?

Don't worry, it's easy to find with our iPad app.

Simply log in to your iPad app and you can see the option for 'My Customer Number' on the right hand side of the account view or through the Contact us page.


You can also find your customer number in the 'More' section of your mobile app.

Banking securely on iPad
Add your signposting title here… Secure Banking on iPad

We take the security of your money seriously. That’s why, for our iPad app, we’ve put it front and centre. We get independent experts to regularly test, update and confirm that our systems meet the highest standards of security you expect from our other services.

Keeping your money secure is our number one priority – especially on all our apps. Find out more about our handy security tips to protect yourself and how our Security Promises protect you.

More on security
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